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30 Jan

What’s Old is (will be) New Again

I don’t second guess myself too much. It’s counter-productive.  Once I have a solid story, I go for it.  I don’t look at industry trends. I can’t see years into the future to predict what will be hot. So I go with  my (ample) gut and try to make myself happy.  Write the sort of […]

23 Jan

It’s a Rocky Road to Ensenada

As I lay sick and broken Viva Mexico My eyes just won’t stay open And I dream a dream of home I dream a dream of home Where there’s coffee on the table And kindness in your hand Honey I’ll help you when I’m able But right now I’m feeling bad Right now I’m feeling […]

16 Jan

Sorrow for another’s good.

The Disciple is eating my lunch. Well, that and the lack of sleep… Well, the lack of sleep, the drugs, the pain… OK OK OK… wait. The lack of sleep, the drugs, the pain, and the fact that I’m not bought in. So, with my pile of ailments, I try to press forward. It occurs […]

09 Jan

I’m back! Sort of…

Ok… so not my best end of  year, medically. Thanksgiving week I had both my knees ‘scoped. Christmas week I had my right shoulder ‘scoped. Yeeee-ow! The shoulder, she’s a screamin’  All sorts of pain. Oh the suffering… the sweet, sweet suffering. The shoulder hurts about 100 times worse than the knees. Apparently, and I’m […]

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