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29 Aug

SaveOnBrew Texas Beta. Alive and slingin’ beer deals!

Hello- Quick note. My new web venture SaveOnBrew is in BETA for TEXAS users only. We’ll roll it out to the rest of the country in a month or so. If you’re in Texas, and want to check it out, go to www.saveonbrew.com and kick the tires. It’s a lowest beer price search engine!   Wheeeee….. […]

27 Aug

Couldn’t-a said it better.

Sometimes, you hear a pitch of a concept and you go “aw, c’mon. Really?” What almost always twists my spine is the thought “they’re making THAT crap instead of making BETTER crap.”  Only so many movies can be made a year and only ONE THING motivates a studio to make a movie: PROFIT. Everything else […]

20 Aug

fade the f*ck out

Almost exactly 5 weeks after I FADED RIGHT THE F*CK IN, I, indeed, FADED RIGHT THE F*CK OUT! Caps and all. Version one of Untitled Space Thriller was done sometime on 8/11/10, around 7:45 my time. Not that it’s a race, but it’s also interesting to track the amount of time it takes to get […]

13 Aug

Lost Tribe out on DVD October 19th

You can order it at Amazon, or check it out at your local video store. M A R K

05 Aug

… almost …

As I dot the i’s and cross the t’s on UNTITLED SPACE THRILLER there are several things on the checklist that stand out: 1) Write for emotional impact; 2) Make sure reader understands emotional tone; 3) Be global. 4) Let the writing be poetry, but not flowery. Rhythm. Tone. Word choice. 5) Appeal to all […]

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