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30 Jan

Back and to the left. Back… and to the left.

There’s a scene in Oliver Stone’s JFK when attorney Jim Garrison goes through the Zapruder film frame by frame, illustrating (he hopes) that there had to be more than one shooter because Kennedy’s head went ‘back and to the left,’ an impossible reaction if there had only been just one shooter. Ultimately, the jury doesn’t […]

21 Jan

You can always cut.

No, Goth kids, I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to everyone who’s had to cut a piece of dialogue, a scene, an action beat. Got three lines, make it two. Two too long, make it one. Can you do it? Yes you can. Keep in mind that you’re SKETCHIING the story out. Others (directors, […]

14 Jan

A fist full of updates.

Forgive me blog readers for I have sinned. It’s been several weeks since my last posting… Here are a few things of note… 1) SaveOnBrew is up and running. That’s the SaveOnBrew guy.  After a year of work, we’ve unleashed SaveOnBrew (www.saveonbrew.com).  World’s first beer price search engine. Put in your zip, find the lowest […]

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