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27 Nov

Happy Turkey Day!

He’s a handsome devil, ain’t he: Finished up BELOW THE ICE (this is not to be confused with all of the other postings re: Finished up Below the Ice) and out it goes.  This time of year, though, as things come to a virtual standstill, feedback will probably be delayed… maybe all the way ’till […]

07 Aug

Move-ies. Not Talk-ies

One thing newbie writers do is to think that their dialogue is so clever (a-la Clerks) that it will carry a movie. It won’t. Movies are about “moving pictures” not “moving pictures of two people talking.” If I want to see two people talking, I can go down to the local Jack in the Box, […]

19 Jun

Project Updates… and a picture of a big ass crab!

Since I’m doing this on the fly, I wanted to get in and out.  Here we go with PROJECT UPDATES! 1) 2 0 3 – nobodies really read it!  So sad because it’s pretty damn good. Soon, soon. 2) American Monster – it’s a tough one because of it’s graphic nature and the fact that […]

29 May


I’ve been in re-write hell for … ohhhh… 3 months now. With the year nearly half-gone, I’ve only completed one script, THE DISCIPLE, which, truth-be-told, was half-written the previous year. First there was a light re-do on THE DISCIPLE.  No big whoop.  Then 2+ months on BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL which became THE POSSESSED (10+ […]

27 Feb

Dotting i’s and Crossing t’s on The Disciple

You can click on the link on the left side of the page and read the first ten pages. Here’s a logline: A town consumed by sin and about to be swallowed by an earthquake races against time to find a missing boy. Their only lead a man who claims to be a Disciple of […]

20 Feb

The Disciple…

… is done. Now a few days of polish. Tie up a few loose ends. Allow me to meander for a moment. Last week, the wife and I (and I guess about half of all movie-goers) went and saw FRIDAY THE 13th. First movie we’ve gone to the theaters for in… oh… 4 years maybe? […]

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